Cryptocurrency Tools Guide – How to

Cryptocurrency Tools Guide – How to

The alert & monitoring system guide is available here:
Cryptocurrency Alerts Guide – How to

Here are the tools available on the bot :

πŸ”ΉWallet & Portfolio checker
If I own 1.2 LTC, 2 XMR, 500 XVG
I send the following commands on the Bot:
+ 1.2 ltc
+ 2 XMR
+ 500 XVG

The bot will reply:
Done! New value added for LTC 1.2 πŸ’°
Done! New value added for XMR 2 πŸ’°
Done! New value added for XVG 500 πŸ’°

When your values have been added, you have 2 options to check on your assets value:
/wallet – Will provide your total assets value
/mywallet – Will provide the detail of each asset you’ve entered.

Your wallet worth πŸ’° 944.12 USD πŸ’΅

LTC πŸ’΅0.00935589 * 1.2 = 107.6 USD
XMR πŸ’΅0.01702000 * 2 = 327.72 USD
XVG πŸ’΅0.00000071 * 23200 = 3.41 USD
3 πŸ’΅ Total: 438,73

If you need to remove a value, send:
– xmr
– xvg

Done! Value XMR removed πŸ’°
Done! Value XVG removed πŸ’°

Why did we create this tool ?
Because if you’re smart, you don’t hold all your coins at the same place:
Bittrex, Cryptopia, or any other Exchanges, plus your desktop/mobile wallets.
So this Wallet Tool is the only way to check what’s your global assets value in 1 click Β Grin

πŸ”ΉMultiConverter Tool
If you want to convert 100 Litecoin into Bitcoin, send :
100 ltc btc
100 LTC = 0.857 BTC = 6370.94 USD πŸ’΅

You can convert any currency to any currency ! It is simply the best converter you will find !
It also supports decimal numbers: 1.2 Β 2.7 etc.

More examples of conversion requests:

40000 xvg xmr
10000 mana xwc
10 eth btc
1000 safex btc
10 b2x eth
1.2 btc eth

πŸ”ΉTick Tool, provide Bid, Ask, Last from Bittrex Market
To get the data of Bitcoin-Litecoin, send:
tick btc ltc

The bot will reply:
πŸ’Ή BTC-LTC πŸ”»Bid 0.00935799 πŸ”Έ Last 0.009367 πŸ”Ί Ask 0.009367

All Bittrex markets are available:

If you’re lazy you can only send :
tick ltc

And the bot will by default search for BTC-LTC market.

πŸ”ΉInline commands, which gives you the opportunity to provide Crypto prices into any conversation on Telegram:
Just use @coinmonitorbot in any conversation and it will immediately send the rate of the chosen currency.
For now it support only a few currencies but I will make the Inline command works for every currency.

/trendings gives you a summary of what happened in the last 24 hours.
It calculates how many currencies went Up or Down and provide a chart.
I did that so we can understand when the market is switching from Up to Down or Down to Up.
Plus, we’ve made a notification system, so you can immediately know when the market turns.
The notification system is a premium function. For now, trendings are free but I might change that.

πŸ”ΉInstant Price Tool
Simply ask for any currency rate with /CURRENCY command:
/BTC /ETH /XVG and so.

πŸ”ΉOtherΒ Tools
/uplist – Show currencies going up πŸš€
/downlist – Show currencies going down πŸ”»
/equallist – Show stable currencies πŸ”Έ
/marketcap – Instantly get the Market Capitalization πŸ’°
/currencies – Show all supported currencies
/unconfirmed – Show the number of Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transaction (live) ⏳
/txfees – Show Bitcoin recommended Transaction Fees (live) πŸ’Έ

Cryptocurrency Tools Guide