How Crypto currency alerts works

Crypto currency alerts

How does CryptoMonitor works ? 🔔

It’s simple! First you need Telegram Messenger
Then you can get the Bot 😃

CryptoMonitor is a Telegram bot, created in summer 2017.

The bot provide a simple solution to monitor +150 CryptoCurrencies 💵
Anyone can be notified if a Crypto Currency reach a target or vary.

Wait, what ?
Yes you did understand well. There is 3 different types of alert:

The move alert is a % variation during a selected time, example:
You want to be notified if BTC vary from 20% in a 2 hours time gap.

The Target alert provides a notification only if the price you selected is reached, example:
$LTC rate is 0.00975211 BTC.
You can setup an alert to be notified when $LTC goes up and reach 0.01000000 BTC
Or per example when $LTC goes down and reach 0.00810000 BTC

The Timer alert is a recurrent alert whatever the rate is.
If you chose 240 minutes, then you will be get a message every 240 minutes with the price of the CryptoCurrency you chose.

For free, you can create up to 1 alerts.
If you want more alerts, you need to go Premium and it costs $20 a year.

If you want to know more, read our guides :
Cryptocurrency Alerts Guide – How to
Cryptocurrency Tools Guide – How to
Or contact us on Twitter or Facebook 🙂

CryptoMonitor is free from ads, there’s no suggestion or any spam/communication.

How does our Facebook and Twitter accounts works ?

The bot is also active on the social networks by posting Crypto Currency rate every hour.
Automatic alerts are sent max 1x per hour per currency, but only if the price is moving from 6% or more.

Secondly, if a CryptoCurrency rate is moving from 20%, a special alert will be sent.
It will also send max 1 alert per hour per currency.
Special alerts are send with the Hashtag #ToTheMoon or #BraceForImpact

How does the Inline commands works ?

Simple! Just type @coinmonitorbot in any conversation or group (orange arrow)
And you will get a currency list (blue arrows)
Simply click on the currency and you will get the currency rate.

Inline Commands

For now, this list is limited. In the next version, you will be able to get all the currency rate with this inline command.

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