Cryptocurrency Tools Functions List

Cryptocurrency Tools Functions List

Welcome to the Cryptocurrency tools functions list.

You will find all available functions of the bot.

iOS / Android / PC / Mac / Linux / Web
24/24 7/7 Monitoring
Unlimited alerts
Unlimited alerts per currency
Move / Target / Timer Alerts
MultiConverter Tool
Trending Alerts
Up / Down / Equal List
Instant Prices
Market Capitalization
BTC Show unconfirmed transactions number
BTC Show recommended tx fees
Top 50 Currencies
80 Currencies

Command list

Welcome to ⭐CryptoMonitor Tools & Bot! 🏦
/home – Back to home menu 🏠
/new_alert – Create a new alert ➕
/show_alerts – Show actual alerts ❓
/delete_alert – Delete a specific alert ❌
/curious – Instantly get all you need to know about your coins ⭐
/multiconverter – MultiConverter tool, any currency to any currency ✨
/instantprice – Instant currency price /BTC /ETH /XVG /XMR ….
/wallet – Calculate your assets value in realtime 💰
/mywallet – Show the details of your assets, value per currency 💲
/trades – Manage your trades to keep trace of your trading performance 📊
/mytrades – Show your trades and the performances 📈
/tick – Get Ticker from Bittrex Market: Bid / Ask / Last 🔺🔻
/trendings – Get trendings statistics with a chart 💹
/trendnotifications – Activate / Disable trendings notifications 🔔
/uplist – Show currencies going up 🚀
/downlist – Show currencies going down 🔻
/equallist – Show stable currencies 🔸
/marketcap – Instantly get the Market Capitalization 💰
/currencies – Show all supported currencies
/unconfirmed – Show the number of Unconfirmed Bitcoin Transaction (live) ⏳
/txfees – Show Bitcoin recommended Transaction Fees (live) 💸
/note – Show your personnal note 📌
/editnote – How to edit your note
/status – Show system status
/stats – Show stats about @CoinMonitorBot
/getpremium – Upgrade your account to premium
/reset – Delete all alerts and start again ⚡
/donate – Support the CoinRider Tools & Bot project 😀

How to get it ?
First get Telegram
Then get CryptoMonitor Tools & Bot

If you need help, you will find help here:
Cryptocurrency Alerts Guide – How to
Cryptocurrency Tools Guide – How to

This tools will works with all the supported currencies.

Cryptocurrency Tools Functions List