Cryptocurrency Alerts Guide – How to

Cryptocurrency Alerts Guide – How to

Welcome to CryptoMonitor’s Cryptocurrency Alerts Guide!

  1. To begin, if you don’t have it, get Telegram Messenger
    Don’t worry, Telegram is available on all devices and OS.
  2. Then create a new conversation with @coinmonitorbot or click
    Now you can start using the Bot.Here is the functionality list
  3. Create a new alert, hit on Start
    You will see the command list.
    Click on “New Alert”cryptocurrency alerts guide
  4. You will be able to chose the currency :cryptocurrency alerts guide
    There is about 96 currency available at the moment. Contact us if you need another currency, we will add it for you!
  5. Once you choose the currency, choose the type of alert :
    cryptocurrency alerts guide
    There is 3 different types of alert :
    TimerThe move alert is a % variation during a selected time, example:You want to be notified if BTC vary from 20% in a 2 hours time gap.

    The Target alert
    provides a notification only if the price you selected is reached, example:
    $LTC rate is 0.00975211 BTC.
    You can setup an alert to be notified when $LTC goes up and reach 0.01000000 BTC
    Or per example when $LTC goes down and reach 0.00810000 BTC

    The Timer alert is a recurrent alert whatever the rate is.
    If you chose 240 minutes, then you will be get a message every 240 minutes with the price of the CryptoCurrency you chose.

  6. Select the type of alert on the keyboard.If you choose Move, you need to enter 2 values consecutively:
    – Minutes, round value between 1 and 1440
    – Percent, round value between 1 and 99
    If you choose Target, you need to enter 1 value:
    – Price in BTC, per example 0.00014912
    or 0.00000015
    If you choose Timer, you need to enter 1 value:
    – Minutes, round value between 1 and 1440
    Per example 120 if you want to get an alert every 2 hours.
  7. Once you’ve completed the alert by sending values, you’re done 🙂
    cryptocurrency alerts guide
  8. You can now check your alerts with “Show Alerts” button
    cryptocurrency alerts guide
  9. If you hit the “Curious?” button, you will get all you need to know about your CryptoCurrencies, and also the MarketCap 🙂
    cryptocurrency alerts guide